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Myogen is now available
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Thanks to our customer for sharing MyoGen experience via our new online chat!

One of MyoGen customers have found these products in a order:

This brand is not MyoGen Labs. Similar name, but different logo. Different packaging and different design.

We wouldn’t say its is a fake product because is not our, therefore it is just an another brand.

If you want to get original products of MyoGen Labs, it is easy: take a look at our official reseller website list.
If you would like to buy MyoGen Labs products and your seller is not in this list, please contact us !


MyoGen official blog is now live! It will be updated every week with fresh and quality content about anabolics, training, nutrition, supplements, diet, women, and fat loss and medical. You can read it here


Orals quality reports are now available.


Production of orals is now finished! The first MyoGen production is now over. The following products will be available shortly with our first official resellers: TestoGen 250, TrenaGen Mix 150, Stanogen 50, StanoGen 10, DianaGen 10, OxaGen 10, TuriGen 10, AnaGen, Clomigen, Nolvagen and Samagen.


Production of injectables is now complete. We are now starting the production of oral products.


Production of injectables has officially started! After months of preparation, you can now discover the first production videos:

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