Step 0 – Presentation MyoGen Editorial Calendar

For the past three years, a revolution was being organized. An intense uprising borne from incredible passion and desire that will change the way one envisions performance. The inspiration behind this uprising was precipitated when a team of European professionals, the brightest leaders in the industry who at the time, were all working for different laboratories and companies, had a secret meeting to share their vision.

With a nonstop flood of high profile doping scandals at elite levels of competition, it is self-evident that athletes are just as passionate about challenging their personal limits. It is no secret that the current amateur field runs also in complete opacity. The whole environment that is replete with inconspicuous dangers that forces consumers to take on an incredible amount of personal risk.

The current conditions that are suffocating this unregulated industry simply cannot be allowed to continue. To bring outright transformation, a voice of authority is crucial. A company who will rise up and initiate total reform. A voice of authority who possess the boldness to set new benchmarks in performance and quality. A company with laser sharp focus on the interests of athletes and consumers.

Born from a place of shared belief for self-improvement, a place where bodies are transformed and new heights of athletic performance are reached on a regular basis, that company is MyoGen.

Step 1 – MyoGen White Paper

How our Expertise and Leadership is Guiding Anabolics Reform. Our white paper outlines the future of MyoGen and explains how our products are designed and manufactured to meet the expectations of our customers.

Step 2 – MyoGen Product Range

A direct result of combining innovation with our passion for sports, MyoGen is proud to announce our range of high performing 8 orals and 20 injectable anabolic products and 5 protections.

Our flagship product range sets a new standard in performance innovation and will define the next generation of anabolic steroids. Whatever your goal, our products are designed to support your body’s evolution and encourages users to redefine their limits.

The evolution of our complete product range reinforces our commitment to remain focused on our customers’ goals. MyoGen remains obsessed with delivering world class performance enhancing products and experiences. Our entire range of anabolic steroids and protections offer limitless potential.

Our initial product range contains 5 powerful injectable steroids, 6 popular oral steroids and 4 oral protections. We will be expanding on this soon with even more products available so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss a thing!

Step 3 – MyoGen Pricelist

Top quality doesn’t have to mean the highest prices

After methodically studying the market as whole, we selected an appropriate yet competitive price point for our high quality products, in order to ensure maximum reach and penetration among consumers, providing satisfaction for both resellers and customers.

As part of our commitment to the fitness industry, we recognize the importance of ensuring our products are appropriately priced. Great products don’t always have to mean high prices, therefore, we regularly assess our manufacturing methods to ensure we work in the most efficient way possible.

Step 4 – MyoGen Augmented Reality and Mobile App

Step 5 – The pharmaceutical company behind MyoGen

Step 6 – MyoGen Laboratory

Step 7 – MyoGen social media and brand ambassador program

Step 8 – MyoGen Reward Program

Step 9 – MyoGen official resellers

Step 10 – MyoGen Press Releases

Step 11 – MyoGen Presale

Step 12 – MyoGen Products Available

Anabolic Revolution is coming

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