Authorized Retailers

OK, having checked out our MyoGen blog Guide, you now know which products you’re looking for. Next, you might decide that buying online is right for you. There are lots of dealers that will take your order… but how do you know what you’ll get? Let’s look at your options.


You can check if someone is an official dealer approved by MyoGen by entering the exact email address below:

Depending on where you live, MyoGen lists a group of Authorized Dealers that are accredited to sell their products online. You can be 100% certain that these dealers will sell original products backed by an official MyoGen quality control. There are several other dealers who have their own websites – some of who are also Authorized Dealers.


If the website doesn’t say that they are an official dealer, then they almost certainly won’t be. Many sites confuse buyers into thinking that they are official dealers, but unless they specifically mention that they are… then it’s safe to assume that they aren’t.


There are many online stores who will sell you a genuine MyoGen product – yet they are not official dealers. These are called Grey Market dealers. The deal with these guys is that you don’t know what you are going to get, because they buy their stock on the secondary market and not directly from MyoGen.

What happens to a product that gets returned to a dealer? Does it get sold to a grey dealer who “change” what have inside the boxes and then sells as new? If so, did they use genuine MyoGen quality control? Maybe they keep the products under questionable conditions? You’ll never know.

Another trick is to show a full range of product, including many that are not in stock. You order your products, pay, and then the dealer goes to work to see if he can find one at that price. If not, you’ve wasted days – more likely weeks – until you get your money back. These dealers are not allowed to offer an official warranty, and so will offer their own.

This sounds fine, but if you have a problem with your new $500 cycle, do you want put your dreams of perfect physics and competition in danger? Or do you want it backed by the brand and dealt with locally? Some buyers will take a chance and buy Grey, but the risks are clear. If you want to be 100% certain that you are buying a genious MyoGen product, and that you can trust what and who you are dealing with, then avoid Grey market dealers.