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BeMax Workout

by MyoGen

With this app you will be able to create and follow your workout. Each time you exercise, the app will track your progress. Videos are provided to show you how to perform your workout efficiently.

Gencode & Augmented Reality

Gen code allows you access to Augmented Reality. Discover essential information about your product instantly.

Reading performance

Readable from a distance,
up to 50x the diameter of the tag

Degradation tolerance

Partial recognition
for complete restitution
Contrast management

Scan Speed ​​& Multiscan

Speed: 1ms
1 gencode per product

Products Authentication

The auth code enables you to scan your QR code and get all information related to product authenticity and traceability.

MyoGen is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Our BeMax application does not access, collect or use your personal information, including the location of your device. Our services do not require any form of registration, allowing you to use our services without telling us who you are. We do not store data, period.

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