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Step 1 – MyoGen White Paper

How our Expertise and Leadership is Guiding Anabolics Reform. Our white paper outlines the future of MyoGen and explains how our products are designed and manufactured to meet the expectations of our customers.

Step 2 – MyoGen Product Range

A direct result of combining innovation with our passion for sports, MyoGen is proud to announce our range of high performing 8 orals and 20 injectable anabolic products and 5 protections.

Our flagship product range sets a new standard in performance innovation and will define the next generation of anabolic steroids. Whatever your goal, our products are designed to support your body’s evolution and encourages users to redefine their limits.

The evolution of our complete product range reinforces our commitment to remain focused on our customers’ goals. MyoGen remains obsessed with delivering world class performance enhancing products and experiences. Our entire range of anabolic steroids and protections offer limitless potential.

Our initial product range contains 5 powerful injectable steroids, 6 popular oral steroids and 4 oral protections. We will be expanding on this soon with even more products available so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss a thing!

Step 3 – MyoGen Pricelist

Top quality doesn’t have to mean the highest prices

After methodically studying the market as whole, we selected an appropriate yet competitive price point for our high quality products, in order to ensure maximum reach and penetration among consumers, providing satisfaction for both resellers and customers.

As part of our commitment to the fitness industry, we recognize the importance of ensuring our products are appropriately priced. Great products don’t always have to mean high prices, therefore, we regularly assess our manufacturing methods to ensure we work in the most efficient way possible.

Step 4 – MyoGen Augmented Reality and Mobile App

With the launch of our new product range, MyoGen is making it easy for users to share in our vision, by using the latest technology available. Discover our mobile app: BeMax.

1. Augmented Reality Scannable Barcode

Featured on the packaging of each product, this code allows instant access to a wealth of information such as lab test and purity results, product pages, authorized resellers and connection to MyoGens social media networks.

2. Product QR Codes

QR codes makes it easy for anyone to easily verify the authenticity of your anabolic product by checking it against our secure database. We also check if your unique QR code has been used before and send you the results instantly.

3. Workout App by MyoGen

To further our vision of combining the latest science with elite sports performance, we have developed our BeMax workout app for smart devices. This supports full augmented reality and QR code functions as well as performing detailed workout tracking, tutorial and how-to videos, and comprehensive workout plans to give you the motivation and support needed to reach your personal goals.

Augmented Reality and the latest technology makes it easy for our customers to join us in translating our vision into reality and inspiring athletes around the world.

Step 5 – The pharmaceutical company behind MyoGen

myogenlabs is a global, science-led provider of high quality, regenerative pharmaceutical medicines, developing innovative and affordable solutions, based in Ahmedabad, India.

myogenlabs Private Limited officially owns the registered trademark, MyoGen. myogenlabs is a trusted name and always ensures that all products adhere to international quality standards and are backed by extensive research and development.

MyoGen is managed by a team of international experts with years of experience in anabolic market. They have extensive knowledge in the industry and have already successfully managed other world class brands. The team has a clear vision and detailed roadmap for the brand and is confident of MyoGen emerging as a market leader.

You can discover why India is the best place for GMP standards, cost-efficiency and innovation in the video below:

Step 6 – MyoGen Laboratory

MyoGen is a world class research, production and testing laboratory dedicated to delivering innovate steroid solutions to users worldwide.

Manufacturing of performance enhancing anabolic steroids is a highly intricate science that should only be carried out by an experienced organization using methods that have been validated to perform in complex supplement matrices. To ensure a contaminant free, high quality product, it’s extremely important to utilize clinical laboratory science.

Our laboratory is continually updated with the latest equipment to adapt to industry trends and the ongoing needs of our clients. No steroid manufacturer in the world makes these adjustments with greater care or insight than MyoGen.

At MyoGen, our number one goal is quality. We provide high quality, accurate and reliable products with clarity and precision.

Step 7 – Social Media

We want to connect with our customers to motivate and enable them to perform better.

The ever increasing popularity and reach of social media allows us new ways to accomplish these goals. We expect the future will continue to provide new tools to enhance connectivity and communication and MyoGen will continue to push the edges.

We are currently building positive relationships and inspiring athletes on digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Further to these goals, we also interact and share technical information and our latest research with moderators and members of various forums.

We welcome you all, on your preferred social media, to join and interact with us to become the greatest fitness and bodybuilding community.

Step 8 – Ambassador Program

Obviously, we love the high quality products we make but we do not expect you to take just our word for it. That is why we have a team of athletes and fitness models who work just as hard as we do, to push their own limits and redefine what the human body is capable of.

Our ambassadors know that the best way to achieve success is to create their own opportunities to do so. In addition, that is why MyoGen remains committed to providing the highest quality performance enhancing anabolic products on the market. Every athlete is capable of being the best possible version of themselves with MyoGen.

If you share our values, courage and passion for sporting success as much as we do, we want you as a brand ambassador.

Please complete the application form:

You can also discover our clothing line and accessories here:

Step 9 – MyoGen official resellers

MyoGen takes immense pride in both brand and reputation. That’s why we are putting together a global network of distributors who share our passion for product excellence with the added benefit of industry insight and expert knowledge.

Our reseller network enjoys a win-win relationship – we offer full support, product expertise, recommended retail pricing, and everything you need to get a strong returning revenue stream.

We are focused on developing and manufacturing high-end anabolic solutions, leaving our authorized resellers to do what they do best. Our prelaunch campaign has been viewed by millions of customers across the most popular anabolic forums. The buzz about the MyoGen brand has been significant.

Do you want to be a part of the MyoGen team and take advantage of this profitable opportunity to represent our innovative and high-quality products?

Step 10 – MyoGen Press Releases

MyoGen is pleased to announce the introduction of their high performance anabolic products into the anabolic market.

We are in the final stages of our prelaunch and in just a few short days we will be back with an amazing opportunity for you to finally buy MyoGen products.

Before MyoGen products are finally available, myogenlabs wishes to officially communicate and make the brand visible internationally through major news websites via an official press release:

Step 11 – MyoGen Products Available

The Myogen team has been working hard the last months to satisfy you and we are proud to announce that the products are now available!

You can order these next generation products right now from any our official resellers (more to come very soon).

It is time for the Anabolic Revolution!

Anabolic Revolution is coming

Yes, keep me informed:

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