Oral Steroids By MyoGen

Our current offerings include oral steroids, injectable steroids and protections. Anabolic Steroids and protections manufactured by MyoGen have an excess of 99% purity with no fillers or unknown substances. All raw materials are tested to ensure certified content percentages are consistently met without exception.


It is commonly stated that injectable steroids are superior to oral steroids, however oral steroids do have their place and may be better suited in some circumstances. Primarily, oral steroids offer huge gains over a short amount of time. They are fast acting due to not having an ester in their composition unlike injectables, which takes time to separate from the hormone. Many steroid users will utilize oral steroids to kick-start an injectable cycle for faster gains.

The misconception that injectable steroids provide better gains comes from the fact that injectable steroid cycles tend to be longer in length. When the gains and benefits from an oral cycle are compared to an injectable cycle over the same time frame, both oral and injectable cycles are equally effective per week of use.

An undisputable advantage of oral steroids however is ease of use. Injectable solutions require preparation and care must be taken that equipment is completely sterilized prior to use in order to nullify any risk of infection. When you consider the steps taken in preparing an injectable administration (choose needle, draw air, empty the air, draw oil, remove air bubbles, disinfect, plunge needle and aspirate), taking a tablet is far more convenient.

Also associated to this may be some users overwhelming fear of needles. While this is purely a psychological issue that can be overcome, it is a tangible phobia for a fair percentage of the general populace. Some users will choose to overcome their needle anxiety, others will choose to utilize oral steroids instead.

Given the extensive range of high quality oral steroids that MyoGen produces, with several different bulking and cutting solutions available, oral steroids are an excellent and satisfying option for some.


Not every lab is created equal, and neither are steroids. Differences in purity, dosage, quality control and results vary greatly between different manufacturers.

With independent lab reports being easily accessible across various forums and websites across the internet, it’s easy to see why MyoGen is #1. MyoGens quality controls are second to none. All products are made in a sterile laboratory with proper sanitation, and good manufacturing processes (GMP) are followed without exception to ensure absolute quality at all times.

Myogens products are tested in house, and a second time by an independent laboratory for assurance that our products are at least 99% pure. All test results are readily accessible both on our website and by request. When you buy MyoGen, you are buying the best quality pharmaceutical grade products on the market.

DianaGen® 10

Exceptional mass and strength gains

  • Dianabol (Methandienone)
  • 10 mg/tab
  • 50 tabs

OxaGen® 10

Feel powerful and strong with quality muscle gain

  • Anavar (Oxandrolone)
  • 10 mg/tab
  • 50 tabs

ClenbuGen® 40

The superior thermogenic fat burner

  • Clenbuterol
  • 40 mcg/tab
  • 50 tabs

StanoGen® 10

The best way to enhance muscular definition and shape

  • Oral Winstrol (Stanozolol)
  • 10 mg/tab
  • 50 tabs

OxyGen® 50

Unleash the beast with the most powerful steroid available

  • Oxymetholone
  • 50 mg/tab
  • 50 tabs

ReduGen® 20

Lose weight effortlessly

  • Reductil (Sibutramine)
  • 20 mg/tab
  • 50 tabs

T-Gen 3®

Powerful weight loss hormone

  • T3 Cytomel (Triiodothyronine)
  • 50 mcg/tab
  • 50 tabs

TuriGen® 10

Tremendous Muscle Gain in Just a Few Weeks

  • Turinabol (4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)
  • 10 mg/tab
  • 50 tabs