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MyoGens anabolic products are only available from an authorized reseller. This is comprised of industry experts who share our values and commitment to connecting athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the highest quality anabolic products available.

The MyoGen Authorized Reseller Network offers several benefits for both consumers and resellers. Our global network is comprised of those resellers committed to exceptional customer service and a superior buying experience. Each MyoGen authorized reseller values our customers as much as we do and has a rock solid commitment to ensuring transactions are carried out in the most secure way possible.

If you are interested in joining or network please complete the following information:

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North AmericaCentral America and CaribbeanSouth AmericaEuropeMiddle EastAfricaAsia Oceania

How do you sell:
WholesaleOnlineHand to handStore / PharmacyOthers

Do you work with other brands directly? If yes, which brands?

How do you usually import? (broker, warehouse, custom clearance...)

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High end products

Each production batch is subject to strict quality control, the results of which are publicly available.

Additional Revenue

Products are priced competitively and recommended retail prices have been set according to current market conditions.

Marketing support

All products, and the MyoGen brand are promoted via our comprehensive marketing plan.

Join us and work with us


  • By selling anabolic products at your gym club, your shop, hand to hand or over the internet. Our design and quality help to attract customers.
  • Our product offers incredible results and improved performance.
  • Customers will be pleased with the quality and satisfaction and re-orders are guaranteed.
  • You remain an independent agent of MyoGen, you can receive commissions by finding additional distributors.

MyoGen suggested retail prices

 All MyoGen products are pharmaceutical grade (over 99% purity). Our recommended retail price is non-binding and merely intended as a suggestion. These recommendations are linked to current market conditions and real market outcomes.

Therefore, the recommended retail price may vary depending upon shipment destination, reseller location and local market regulations.

DecaGen 250 (Deca Durabolin) - 250 mg/ml - 5 amps of 1ml - MyoGen $39
TuriGen 10 (Turinabol) - 10 mg/tab - 50 tabs - MyoGen $29
SustaGen 250 (Sustanon) - 250 mg/ml - 5 amps of 1ml - MyoGen $29
OxaGen 10 (Anavar) - 10 mg/tab - 50 tabs - MyoGen $45
TestoGen 250 (Testosterone Enanthate) -250 mg/ml - 5 amps of 1ml - MyoGen $29
DianaGen 10 (Dianabol) - 10 mg/tab - 50 tabs - MyoGen $19
TrenaGen Mix 150 (Tri-Tren) - 150 mg/ml - 5 amps of 1ml - MyoGen $49
StanoGen 50 (Winstrol) - 50 mg/ml - 5 amps of 1ml - MyoGen $29
StanoGen 10 (Winstrol) - 10 mg/tab - 50 tabs - MyoGen $25
AnaGen (Arimidex) - 0.5 mg/tab - 30 tabs - MyoGen $19
NolvaGen (Nolvadex) - 20 mg/tab - 10 tabs - MyoGen $9
ClomiGen (Clomid) - 50 mcg/tab - 10 tabs - MyoGen $15
SamaGen (Samarin) - 140 mg/tab - 50 tabs - MyoGen $29


You can check if someone is an official dealer approved by MyoGenlabs by entering the exact email address below:

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